Monday, May 20, 2013

Welcome to my Page!

My name is Eileen Michaels                         

I am an Independent Distributor for It Works Global

It is a great company and we are always looking for more distributors so if you are looking for a way to make $$$ from home ask, and I will be happy to tell you all about it...
I'm not a pushy or perky salesperson, I am not saccharine sweet or fake, I will tell you like it is....and these products WORK...

If you haven't tried it yet you MUST try the "Ultimate Body Applicator" it is a Body Wrap, some call it "that crazy wrap thing" I like to call it a "Skinny Sticker"...whatever you call it... IT WORKS... check out my Facebook page for more info, and before and after pictures:

To make a direct online purchase and have it shipped to your door :

There are several ways to purchase It Works products:

1. you can buy direct from the website
 and there are two options here:

    A. you can pay retail prices with absolutely no obligation to purchase anything else


    B. you can sign up as a Loyal Customer and get the WHOLESALE price (seriously this is the same exact price I pay when I order)
All you have to do is commit to an Autoship for 3 months:
 just purchase 1 item per month for 3 months
you can change which product it is each month (and your first purchase when you sign up for the Loyal Customer program counts as your first month of the three months)...

The fine print and all the other bonuses:
IF you cancel before the 3 months there is a $50 membership charge-that is the only penalty and even if you do, you are still considered a "Loyal Customer" and can still purchase at the wholesale price!...

IF you keep the Autoship after the third month, shipping will be free,
even if you cancel the autoship after the 3 months, you will be a "LOYAL CUSTOMER" and get the wholesale price FOREVER,
I will say that again, once you are a "Loyal Customer" you get the wholesale price FOREVER!
Also starting with your first order you will earn perk points (10% of your order before tax and shipping) which will get you free products,
and get bonus perk points at autoship milemarkers like 6 months and 12 months,
and any non-autoship purchase over $125 ships free.

2. You can purchase from me directly either at a one on one appointment, or at a wrap party or other event.

Single wrap price is $30 for a "body wrap" or "face wrap" these are two different products
chin/neck wraps are $15 (because I cut the wrap and only use part of it)

Sometimes I have full boxes available to purchase on hand they are the retail price of $99 for a box of 4

3. You can sign up as a distributor for only $99 and in the distributor kit there is a box of 4 wraps.

So here is what you need to know about being a distributor:

 As a distributor you purchase wraps at the wholesale price, can earn CASH selling them at wrap parties. For only $20 per month (first month included in the $99) you get your own website (no designing involved just add your name, phone number, and picture) to sell It works products online!

You make your own hours, no one is chasing after you like a boss, you work a little you will make a little, you work a lot you will make a lot, the more effort you put in the more money you will earn :)

Here is the part not everyone will tell you:
(it isnt a bad thing, I just believe in full disclosure)
To earn commissions from online purchases you must become "commision qualified" by having an Autoship of  about 2 products per month (total of 80BV which costs about $90-$100)
you can change which products they are each month, so you can try new things, or carry inventory (ONLY if you WANT TO), the wraps however you will WANT to have because a lot of your business will be wrapping people at wrap parties for CASH!! A lot of people are skeptical about the wraps, so they want to try one before buying a whole box, we know it works and are happy to show them. You make money wrapping so you always need to have wraps on hand, so a normal auto ship would be either 2 boxes of wraps or one box of wraps and one other product you wanted to try or stock...(this would be enough for the 80BV to be "commision qualified") THEN you would earn a commision on every customer that orders online and those who sign up as a loyal customer or distributor... Trust me as your business grows you will be ordering more and more wraps because you will run out! (making cash on each one!!!)

Another tidbit I want to make clear, when you sign up you get a "replicated website" It is where people can sign up as loyal customers and distributors, AND where people can also make retail purchases online and have it shipped directly to them. This invaluable resource is INCLUDED in your business kit, for your first month, after that it is $20 per month. While you are not required to keep the website, it is strongly recommended! People will be able to find you from all over the world, this is a Global company...don't miss out on far away sales!

There are also two "boosting" options (not a requirement these are optional) when you sign up as a distributor:

there is a BIG Booster Pack for $499  it includes 8 boxes of body wraps which is a total of 32 wraps!!! and 3 boxes of facial wraps which is a total of 12 wraps! AND a tub of greens, a full size defining gel, and a bottle of fat fighters!!!

This is a GREAT option for someone who is ready to jump in with both feet and get this business going, it is also great for anyone who has a retail space like a salon or physical therapy/ massage place that has a place for on hand inventory...

Not everyone is ready to spend that $499 and the great news is you can get that booster pack anytime, not just when you sign up, so if you have a bunch of parties lined up and you want to grab that booster pack you can do that at any time....

For someone who wants to be "party ready" at a lower price there is a "Mini Booster Pack" for only $149 and it is ONLY available at sign up!!!
It has 2 boxes of body wraps (8 wraps total) and 1 box of facial wraps (4 wraps), AND a tub of greens, a full size defining gel, and a bottle of fat fighters!!!
If you can spare the $149 I STRONGLY suggest this Mini Booster Pack...that is what I did at sign up, between the distributor pack and this mini booster you end up with 12 body wraps and 4 facial wraps which is a great start for your first party and a couple of one-on-one apts (and of course some for yourself!)
If you sold every one of those wraps for $30 you would be collecting $480 in CASH (even if you discount them to $25 you would collect $400 in CASH)
Plus you get the chance to try the greens and defining gel and fat fighters, and have them on hand for party demonstrations!

Whether you Boost, Mini Boost or just start with the Distributor Pack, make sure you set up the 80BV autoship so that you are commision qualified so you can earn commissions off the people who order online and sign up as loyal customers and distributors...

We break down the business into 3 simple steps:

Once you have signed up as a distributor or as we like to say "Join the Party"

Your second step is to get 4 "loyal customers"
IF you get 4 loyal customers in your first 30 days
 you will get a bonus of $120 in product credit you can use to buy which ever products you want (most people use it to buy more wraps they can sell at 100% profit)
AND you will get an "applicator reward" for EVERY 2 loyal customers (this is NOT just in the first 30 days-this is all the time)
An Applicator Reward allows you to buy a BOX of 4 wraps for only $25 with free shipping

So with those 4 loyal customers in your first 30 days you will get $120 in FREE product AND 2 boxes of wraps for $50!

Then Step 3: get 3 people to sign up as a distributor and complete steps 1 & 2 within your first 60 days and you are GUARANTEED to make $500 (if you fall short the company will make up the difference so you will have made $500 total)

This video is from a fellow distributor and it explains the first days of running your business very well!

After that just repeat, keep getting loyal customers and distributors, you earn commission of of their purchases, you get wrap cash when you wrap someone.
There are bonuses that pop up along the way, this company wants you to make money, succeed, get healthy, help others get healthy, and have FUN!!!

So what kind of money do we make? Here is an Income Chart but BEFORE you look understand 2 very Important details:

#1 This is JUST counting the Commission you make on retail customer, loyal customers and on distributors. IT DOES NOT COUNT THE "WRAP CASH" (the money you make when you wrap someone in person, at a party, etc...)

#2 These are AVERAGES, which means they take all of the distributors at that level and average their incomes, including people who sign up and do nothing with their kit, and the people who bust their butts working their business. I have seen for myself and asked my fellow distributors, and everyone of them has made at minimum DOUBLE what the figures on this chart show, from their first commission check on...

Some will say I am giving out too much info, I believe that if you believe in what you are doing there is no reason to hide any of the details...I believe in this company, in its products, because they do in fact WORK!!! and when you have a product that works, it is just a matter of showing people...

I have never met a single person in my life, that said: I am in perfect shape, and I don't need to lose a few pounds, my body is perfectly firm and toned, and I dont ever overindulge when I eat...which means every person is your target market, and even if you found someone who doesn't care about their appearance, I am sure they have some concern about their health, and It works has some great vitamins and supplements for them...